Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hajimemashite... Bienvenidos

What Up All?! Welcome to Hip Hapa, a site dedicated to two incredible forces that define who I am and what I obsess over on a daily basis - Hip Hop and my Hapa background. The purpose of this site is to highlight and explore various aspects of both hip hop culture and hapa peoples (though not necessarily a combination of the two). However, although these two facets of my life will be showcased, in true hapa fashion Hip Hapa will have an array of postings serving different purposes and taking on a wide range of tones. On the one hand I would like to use Hip Hapa as a forum to discuss social and political issues that affect young people of color today. On the other hand I hope the site is of some entertainment value to readers as I post hip hop event information and provide music sound bites. In other words, I plan on using the site as a platform for my friends who promote shows and make beats to gain exposure. Finally, Hip Hapa will be a way to give mad props to famous hapas making news. Now, in order to understand how two seemingly mismatched subjects have captured my fancy and earned a page on Blogger, I offer the following.
Hapa is a word of Hawaiian origin that is today used to describe people of partial Asian descent. "So if ya don't know, now ya know...!" Why is being Hapa important to me? For the obvious reasons. My ethnic backgrounds have shaped all aspects of my life from my moral beliefs to my mannerisms to the way I look and speak. Furthermore, many of my closest friends are hapa. Though I don't actually obsess over my hapa identity, I do tend to bombard these friends with e-mails whenever I discover that a celebrity, athlete or pop icon is part of "the team". I figure that this blog would be a more courteous way to disseminate such info rather than fill up their in-boxes. C'mon! Didn't you get really excited when Damon Dash named a half Black half Japanese kid from California, BET's "Ultimate Hustler"?!
I truly feel that hip hop can be used as a tool to create social change in America. For young people of color it is our Voice. Hip hop tells the world the realities of our everyday lives in an artistic manner. Hip hop is therapy for the soul. The beats, lyrics, sounds and visuals of hip hop can relax , energize and comfort. Hip Hop has been the topic of countless conversations both heated and friendly. Hip hop is the livelihood of many close friends. Hip hop has brought me friends from all across the globe. Hip hop empowers me.



Anonymous said...

Hipeople check out this artist bringin it back past and presence jazzy hip hop the way we all sould enjoy it...check out holla

7:26 AM  
Blogger Yayoi Lena Winfrey said...


I had no idea this blog existed until I googled Hip Hapa. I call myself Your Hip Hapa, and my blog is called Watermelon Sushi World (at blogspot). I also have a Facebook group called Hip Hapa Homeez.

I haven't read your blog in depth, but the reason I feel that all mixed-race folks should have access to the Hawai'ian word hapa is because it's the mispronunciation of the English word half, anyway. I lived in Honolulu and studied Hawai'ian language at Iolani Palace.

I'm going to read what you said about it.

Mahalo nui loa.

Your Hip Hapa,

12:22 AM  
Blogger EYEZON HIP HOP said...

EYEZITO'S WAY(the movie-tape)

12:07 PM  
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