Wednesday, February 22, 2006


After watching Miami Ink , the television show which chronicles the daily activities of a Miami based tattoo shop, I was reminded of the ridiculous number of haoles who decorate their bodies with Asian inspired tattoos. It seemed like every white person who set foot in the shop wanted either dragons, cherry blossoms or Asian characters permanently inked on themselves. Its particularly frustrating for me, being of Asian descent and born in the Year of the Dragon, since I have always thought about getting such a tattoo to commemorate the year of my birth. However, I am now completely hesitant on getting a dragon done because I don't want to look like all those other meat-head frat boys dumb-fucks who do it to follow some sort of trend. I think its even more lame when those Pabst-drinking-rednecks can't even be original and get something like "love" (愛) or "power" (力) placed on their shoulder. Just because your culture is bland and boring doesn't mean you have to steal ours pendejos!

(However, for some comic relief regarding Asian tattoos on Anglos checkout this article! HAhahaha!)



Anonymous Big O said...

Just thought I would add to the humor...The nation's favorite talentless, white trash singer, Britney Spears, got a Chinese tattoo that supposedly meant "Mysterious"...I wonder how the okie felt when she found out it really means "Strange"...Bite me baby, one more time!!! FACE!

~ Big O

9:37 PM  
Blogger hello tomato said...

check this awesome site now. it documents the latest if asian tattoo fuck ups.

8:49 PM  
Anonymous heather said...

hey guess what one of those pictures is my husband and if you read the blog you stole the picture from you would see that that was photoshopped even just fucking around to see what he would look like. And I would think you would be less nasty about people finding "your culture" fascinating and wishing to embrace something different, since tolerance and difference make the world a better place.

1:44 AM  
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