Monday, April 02, 2007

Hit up Harold's before the Show

The Chicago Asian American Showcase has fond memories for me, and I'm bummed to be missing out this year. Sure, it does follow the more high-octane SFIAAFF (covered in one two three four five installments right here!) and looks like it might have slipped a little this year (does it make me a jerk to write that? maybe, but at least I'm an honest jerk)...

NONETHELESS--if you're in the Windy City, go check it out before it's over. The program for this week includes a performance by The Pacifics, an unheralded but truly excellent local hip hop group that your ears yearn to hear. The gig is Wednesday night at the Hot House, a dope venue in the South Loop (the Harold's is round about 800 Wabash or so).

And if anyone makes it out there and can file a report, send it to ozzie_guillen AT hotmail DOT com. Although really, that goes for most any showcase event. Ah, sweet home Chicago (SIGH).

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