Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Drunken Conversations with Lyrics Born

This conversation took place outside of Harlow's, a popular venue for hip hop shows in Sacramento, right after hapa rap icon, Lyrics Born, finished performing. Donning cornrows and a red-face (the Asian Flush from too much beer) I inquire about the following...

Mix76: "Nihongo wakaru deshou?" (You speak Japanese, right?)

LB: (Grinning with half-puzzled look) "Uuhhh... Not anymore."

Mix76: (Quickly so to keep his attention) "You know my boy Taro at Jazzy Sport, right?"

LB: "Who?"

Mix76: "You know... Taro... Jazzy Sport records in Tokyo."

LB: (Starting to walk off trying to escape the conversation) "Nah."

Mix76: (Grasping to make some sort of connection) "Mmmm... Well... It was a tight show man. Just had to come out and support my hapa brothers."

LB: (Chuckles) "Cool. Thanks man."

I'd like to thank my friends who were there that night and let me make an ass of myself - like a junior high schooler at a Backstreet Boys show. Stayed tuned for Part II: Drunken Conversations with Deuce Eclipse!


Friday, March 03, 2006

Save J-Town!

For those of you who do not know San Francisco's Japantown is up for sale and in danger of no longer existing. This Japantown is one of only three remaining in the United States and is an important part of Japanese American history and culture. To help please sign the following petition: