Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Drunken Conversations with Lyrics Born

This conversation took place outside of Harlow's, a popular venue for hip hop shows in Sacramento, right after hapa rap icon, Lyrics Born, finished performing. Donning cornrows and a red-face (the Asian Flush from too much beer) I inquire about the following...

Mix76: "Nihongo wakaru deshou?" (You speak Japanese, right?)

LB: (Grinning with half-puzzled look) "Uuhhh... Not anymore."

Mix76: (Quickly so to keep his attention) "You know my boy Taro at Jazzy Sport, right?"

LB: "Who?"

Mix76: "You know... Taro... Jazzy Sport records in Tokyo."

LB: (Starting to walk off trying to escape the conversation) "Nah."

Mix76: (Grasping to make some sort of connection) "Mmmm... Well... It was a tight show man. Just had to come out and support my hapa brothers."

LB: (Chuckles) "Cool. Thanks man."

I'd like to thank my friends who were there that night and let me make an ass of myself - like a junior high schooler at a Backstreet Boys show. Stayed tuned for Part II: Drunken Conversations with Deuce Eclipse!



Blogger MosSteph said...

ah yes. don't you remember raf saying "hey todd! todd!! well i guess people don't know you by todd anymore do they" ha ha and lee's hilarious lyrics born impression!

6:43 PM  

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