Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Host with the Most: Osaka to SF to Chi-Town

The difficulty I usually have with film festivals is that I tend to get overwhelmed. If it were possible, I'd just camp out in the theater, but time, money, and personal hygiene issues prevent that from going down. Therefore, choices must be made.

For the upcoming San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, I'm turning to my friend Joanna (since she is a proven expert in cinematic awesomeness) for the first choice:

The Great Happiness Space: Tale Of An Osaka Love Thief is an award winning documentary that takes audiences behind the scenes of Osaka's Café Rakkyo, the city's most glamorous and profitable host bar. Presided over by the enigmatic Issei, not only Rakkyo's owner, but also its number one "host boy," the club offers a modern twist on the ancient Japanese geisha tradition. Here, slick and stylish male hosts entertain young female customers with money to burn by trading compliments and pick up lines for over-priced drinks and in-demand quality one-on-one time. To the denizens of this secret society, mostly made up of showgirls and prostitutes, an escape from their everyday lives complete with the heart-warming attention of a good looking guy is just a dollar away. But as this absorbing film suggests through poignant interviews with Issei's co-workers and committed regular customers, the line between work and life is easily blurred once emotional attachments are formed. And the real toll of all night parties and expensive bottles of champagne are more than most Rakkyo regulars can bare.

Jo is actually promoting the film for the Chicago International Documentary Festival, so if you happen to reside in the Windy City, you can catch a screening as well--schedule & venue information is posted here. For details on the San Francisco engagements, click here.

More SFIAAFF posts to come!

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Blogger Mix76 said...

Last time I was living in Tokyo I saw a great TV documentary on Host Bars. Its actually quite fascinating. What I couldn't get over was how much F&*!ing money these guys make in a month. The yakuza-looking boss man would hand them 8.5x11 envelopes filled with stacks of 10,000 yen bills ($100 bills).

It was also interesting to see the types of women that frequented these establishments. One women that was showcased on the doc that I saw seemed to be a middle-age housewife of a rich guy who just needed some attention. However, that is an expensive way to get someone to talk to you. She flew here ass in from the other side of the country just to head to Kabuki-cho and hang with her boy-toy and drink $700 bottles of Dom P.

Damn... I think I want to be a host! hahaha. JK!

7:16 PM  
Blogger MosSteph said...

i would gladly pay to be a bitch to whoever i wanted and then just pay a couple sen for some guy with good hair to pay attention to me

1:36 PM  

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