Friday, March 16, 2007

Politically Fashionable

So it looks like we've now got less than a year until things get heavy in this business of picking a new leader for the country. That's right people, California, the national barometer on so many things, will be moving up its primary to February 5 next year, four months earlier than usual. And many other states have done the same, or are considering following suit.

I'll take the opportunity to again hype my choice for that election, and give a little fashion advice at the same time. Last weekend, I went out to the park rocking my new Obama'08 threads--and I was turning heads like Beyoncé.

Just another indication of the incredible magnetism that Barack exudes; I own a lot of crazy tshirts, and none have ever generated such a positive response from complete strangers. So if you want to up your popularity while supporting an important cause, head over to his campaign's online store and cop some of that sexy gear today!

UPDATE: Turns out he'll be here in Oakland tomorrow, right next door to my work, in fact--as I just realized when I walked outside and saw banners posted up all over the place. This bums me out in a big way, as I won't be able to make it due to a prior engagement. But for my Bay Area peeps, check it out--there will be live music, and admission is free. They're asking for RSVPs, however.

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