Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More Film Festival Excitement

Since we've been all about the cinema lately...

If you plan on being in New York this summer (or reside there now), are a student, and enjoy movies (who doesn't?), you might apply for a gig with the Asian American International Film Festival (billed as "the first and longest running film festival of its kind." I guess when you're the first you don't have to list the city at the beginning of your festival name. Or maybe this is just a case of that New York-being-the-center-of-the-universe foolishness at work. Whatever.).

They are hiring for the following positions: Archives Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Hospitality Assistant, Box Office & Membership Assistant, Sponsorship Assistant, Youth Programs Assistant, and Administrative Assistant. College credit and a small stipend are available.

They've listed some info on the site, but the email announcement I got also encouraged interested candidates to inquire with festival coordinator Irene Cifra at (212) 989-1422.

Oh, and they are also accepting film submissions. HOOK IT UP.

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