Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Vote or Die!

No... this is not about Diddy trying to get you politically involved. This isn't about Obama, Clinton or the likes. This is about you, the Hip Hapa readers, exercising your right to support our 'ol boy PESU on MTV's TRL! Pesu will be reppin' the Old Souls and Hip Hapa families from Times Square in New York City in a live Art Battle to be aired May 4th. Watch, root, and VOTE for Pesu.

- MTV ArtBattle - This event features some of the most impressive artists/individuals that NYC has to offer. The artists will have an hour and a half to express their hunger to the world in a 360 degree MTV event. The artwork will be featured in the heart of times square where each artist will have their work from the event shown at 13' x 9' with clippings of the event on the huge MTV TV across the street. TRL will hype the event by pointing the viewers to MTV overdrive to watch the event and the day in the life of the artists. The cell phone and Internet votes will depict the winner of the event, who will be rewarded added publicity as well as a nice cash prize. The event will be the most explosive art show ever with special guest judge’s hosts and a few local bands that will maintain the authenticity of the Art battles. Each artist is extremely dynamic hungry for the opportunity to show the world their skills.

Extra: Instead of doing a separate post on top of this one, I thought that--
seeing as how this fits in with the intro and title Mix76 used--I'd just add in down here that the Democrats are debating tonight (Thursday) on MSNBC from 7:00-8:30pm Eastern Time.



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