Friday, April 20, 2007

Diggin' on Diaspora

This has been on my radar for a while, but I've managed to yet again post the announcement as the event is happening. Good work, me.

Anyway, here's hoping you can at least follow up with some of these folks later on, if you don't get the chance to hit up the conference. And frankly, that's the main reason we put the stuff here; we're trying to spread word of important work and build connections--if you can make it out to events, great, but if not, at least you know what people are up to, and maybe touch base with them down the line.

Enough throat-clearing. In Evanston this weekend:

Diasporic Counterpoint: Africans, Asians and the Americas
"This two-day symposium illuminates the rich comparative and interdisciplinary scholarship on Africans and Asians across the globe and throughout the Americas. Specialists in African American Studies, Asian American Studies, History, Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, and Sociology explore issues and topics essential to understanding the complexities of diasporic intersections, internationalism, and transnationalism — concepts embodied, negotiated, and contested by members of these communities."

Hip Hapa's panel of choice:

Saturday, April 21, 12:45 — 2:45
Theme: Mixing Musics
Nitasha Tamar Sharma, Northwestern University
Darren Lee Brown, Michigan State University
“‘Reggae Gone International:’ Recovering the Cultural Productions of Asians of Jamaican Descent in Reggae Music”
Adrian Gaskins, University of Minnesota
“From Native Son to Native Guns: Hip Hop and the Politics of Racialized Diasporas”
Tamara Roberts, Northwestern University
“‘One Family, Many Children’: The Afro-Asian Aesthetic”

Bumpin'! As always, we're happy to post your reports or photos from the event, so hook it up already.

P.S.: Native Guns in SF tonight!


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