Tuesday, May 08, 2007

From Sissies to Psychos

So we haven't yet given any attention to Seung-Hui Cho or Virginia Tech on this site; personally, that's been for lack of anything original to say about the issues, and because I feel a little uncomfortable commenting on what wider significance this horrible event might bear.

Thankfully, folks like Jeff Yang are out there to provide some thoughtful analysis, like he did in Angry Asian Men, an article published today by SFGate.com. Here's the abstract:

Recent events and media coverage seem to have swung the image of Asian American males away from the "meek, passive and mild" end of the spectrum and toward "violent, bloodthirsty and dangerous." What does this mean for Asian American pop culturalists -- and what, if any, responsibility do creators have for depicting the community from which they come?

Give it a read--it's worth your time.

Thanks to Matt Harpring for passing this along.



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