Saturday, May 12, 2007

Night in Review

VENUE: The Mandrake - a great little bar in West L.A. It's hard to find (almost like a speak-easy) but well worth the effort. If you head there just look for the widget factory (no, really... I'm serious) - its right next store. They have attentive staff, good drinks, a chill atmosphere and a great space for DJing/ Dancing/ Art performances.

EVENT NAME: Soul Crates (Soul Sides + Captain's Crates)

DJs: O-Dub and Murphy's Law

NO. OF DRINKS CONSUMED: At least three Crown Royals on the rocks... maybe more...hmm.

MOOD: Mellow effervescence.

Only once thank goodness. (And in usual Mix fashion I'm flaking on that promise as I type. Damn those Crown Royals!)

GENERAL COMMENTS: The music was bumpin' as expected and the turn out for the event was very nice. I finally got to meet up with Mr. Oliver Wang himself (O-Dub) and talked story for a minute or two. The man's a very chill cat with excellent taste in music and I look forward to going to more of his events. Who knows, maybe Hip Hapa can collabo with the guy and promote some shows in the future too!

I also got a chance to pick up Deep Covers which I promptly played as soon as I got up this morning at noon. A really great album for a Sunday groove... nah mean? Unfortunately, I arrived too late to get my free copy of the Betty Davis album even though I did say the magic password "Shoo-B Doop and Cop Him". All in all a grand 'ol time for Mix76 and the extended Hip Hapa crew that accompanied me. Otsukare!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jungle DJ Towa Tei

8:30 PM  
Blogger Mix76 said...

Cool. What about Towa Tei? I've seen him perform at Tokyo nightclub Ageha ... he's dope!

8:34 PM  

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