Monday, June 25, 2007

Protecting the Right for Everyone to Marry

So yesterday was the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco, and I caught part of the recap on NPR this morning. I was only half-listening, so I didn't get his name, but I heard one of the parade's honorary marshals refer to the Supreme Court case of Loving vs. Virginia--which is something we've of course mentioned once or twice around these parts, seeing as how that decision legalized interracial marriage on a federal level in 1967. Turns out the marshal himself was mixed race, and he was comparing the obstacle his parents faced in their desire to wed with the one facing himself and others in the gay community today.

It's not especially profound of me to say this, but I should take the occasion to emphasize that those of us born of interracial unions have a responsibility to stick up for same-sex unions. When your group has confronted a historical challenge, I think you have an obligation to support other groups who end up encountering similar problems. Those who fight to sanction gay marriage shouldn't hesitate to solicit the help of the mixed race community, and we in turn should be ready to provide that help. It's just common sense.

(To bring a little levity to this issue, I thought I'd also include this satirical piece from the The Onion that demonstrates how the rights we seek can end up becoming burdens.)

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