Thursday, May 11, 2006

Drunken Conversations with Deuce Eclipse

With a tough week behind me and a full weekend ahead, I journeyed with some friends down to Club Game in Shibuya one night to checkout the always hype Zion I perform. Touring Japan with Zion during that trip was fellow Bay Area MC Deuce Eclipse. After watching the high-energy set (and after downing a few too many rum and cokes) I attempted to connect with Deuce and let him know that he wasn't the only Cali Latino in the house! Here, once again, is the entirety of that drunken conversation (or at least the parts I can remember).

Mix76: "Oye buey! What's up man?! Great show tonight!"

Deuce Eclipse: (Nodding his head.) "Thanks."

Mix: "So you from the Bay buey?"

DE: "Yeah ...Yeah..."

Mix: "Cool...Where abouts?"

DE: " San Francisco man... Hey checkout my CD man." (Reaching into his big bag of CDs.)

Mix: "Orale. Lived there all your life?"

DE:"Yeah. Born and raised in the City. So this is my latest [album] man." (Showing me the front and back cover.)

Mix:"Cool. I lived in the Bay for awhile man."

DE: "Alright." (With a slight nod of the head to acknowledge my lame statement Deuce quickly returns to pushin' the product.) "I sell you one for .... 1,000 yen man."

Mix: "Uhh... Alright. Only 1,000 yen , huh?"

Sensing how pointless my comments are becoming and how eager he is to hustle a few albums I begrudingly pull out the wallet and offer up the 1,000 yen. Then, as if we were on some street corner dice game or something, Deuce holds the 1,000 yen bill up to the light and with a discerning eye checks its authenticity! The whole time he's doing this I'm thinking to myself: A) haven't you only been in Japan two days, and B) when did you become such an expert in spotting counterfeit yen?! Disappointed from the "missed connection" but having passed the yen inspection I bid him farewell and headed over to the two mofos who truly get me... "Hey Bacardi ... Hey Cola."



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