Friday, May 19, 2006

Jackin' for Links

Caveat: This site does not intend to be just an amalgam of links to other areas of interest on Ye Grande Internet. Eventually, you can bank on Hip Hapa offering you the freshest of fresh content straight from the minds of your humble cyber-servants. But virtual nation-building takes much time and effort, so while we slog through intensive board meetings where we brainstorm on how to best lay out our manifesto without literally blowing your brain out the back of your head when our words of raw power hit your eyeballs... we still need to provide you with a reason to bookmark us, and spread the word that this is a spot worth visiting.

Today's gank move is off the World Wide Leader (the very outlet I meant to subvert last year with a now-dormant journalistic grassroots movement). In any case, peep this article on Asian athletes, which among other things will tell you how Timmy Chang got the shaft. Read it, and then go outside and start working on that three-step drop.



Anonymous Mix said...

Very interesting article. One quick thing to mention...they left out Johnny Morton when talking about Asian NFL players!!!!! What's up with that!

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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