Sunday, May 28, 2006

Revolutionary Radio

SALTY-ASS SOUR GRAPES!!!!!! That is how I feel on this beautiful holiday weekend right now. Instead of brining you a banging and inspired blog about a gem of a website I found three days ago, I'm just gonna give it to you plain. Why, you may ask? Because computers suck and the banging post was lost about fifteen minutes ago. I hate computers.

Anyways, check out bts radio. Its good. It has good music for you to enjoy. It has guest DJ sets from some quality artists from around the world - Kan Kick, Four Tet and DJ Mitsu the Beats just to name a few. Listen to this one by DJ Koga. I like it a lot. (I also like Che Guevara that's why I added his photo for no apparent reason other than the word "revolutionary" in the title of this post.)

Happy Memorial Day (that is the Holiday this weekend, right?).

Real Player required for listening.



Blogger hello tomato said...

i hate it when i lose my bangin' posts! when are u coming down to LA to chill? it's summer. i will be free 24/7 for you! =D

where is mos steph?!

11:06 AM  
Blogger mia said...

nice sounds. ur profile audio helped me get through my last bit of reading for school. some good stuff that's right up there is salmonella dub from kiwiland.
next stop Chukchansi, baby!

9:16 PM  
Blogger Mix76 said...

Glad you enjoyed the tunes. Koga also has some sweet mix tapes that I picked up back in Tokyo. Checkout the other guys from the JazzySport label as well...Mitsu, Grooveman Spot and Flying Lotus.

Oh! And remember... Raise more than call, fold more than raise!

11:12 PM  
Blogger MosSteph said...

Mos Steph has food poisoning. and it sucks. but it gives me time to post! mos steph is also looking for a job. hook a cousin up! anyway

as to mix 76's "i just posted this picture of Che because i <3 him" i use him in my little students' vocabulary test when the word of the day is "revolutionary" but their definition of revolutionary was "traitor" you win some you loose some.

6:15 PM  
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