Friday, September 15, 2006

Nikkei Hoops

I try to keep my blogger identity kind of shrouded in mystery (so that I can be all cranky and incendiary), but I've exposed my more professional self on this site before, and I might as well do it again. Last February, me and the folks at the Chicago Japanese American Historical Society completed a little oral history project on JA community basketball; we didn't really promote it very much at the time, but I found out today that it's getting a little exposure over at Discover Nikkei. I encourage you to go take a look (they've included links to the piece I wrote and the multimedia gallery we put together).

On a related note, I'm looking to organize a hoops team this fall, so if you're ballin' in the Bay Area, let me know! I'm told there's a league over in J-town, but I may end up going the Sport and Social Club route, depending on scheduling. We'll see...



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