Friday, June 23, 2006


Holy Shiznit!!! I can't even believe what I stumbled across right now as I was surfing the web. I am absolutely flipping out (and those of you who know me understand how I like to flip out over inconsequential matters that only I find exciting)! So last night, being the Adult Swim nerd that I am, I was getting my fix of the Family Guy when I heard a fresh Mos Def track during a commercial break. Recalling that I found the beat fairly bumpin' I decided to head to the Adult Swim website today to take another listen that track and the others on the Chocolate Swim EP. After navigating through the site I finally came across the page where the free Chocolate Swim download was posted I began reading the album's track listing. As I got to the fifth track on the album I did a double take and then rejoiced! For there it was - the DJ Mitsu remix of "Ain't Right" that I had desperately been trying to obtain for over a year now. Mama mia!

Now let me explain to you the history of why I covet this track so much. About a year and a half ago for my birthday my boy O.G. hooked me up with the a hot joint by Chicago's very own Diverse. The album One A.M. was an instant classic in my book and it was definitely on heavy rotation in the iPod. I mean "Ain't Right" was like my subway anthem for a good six months as I wove underneath the streets of Tokyo on my way to work and school every morning.

So one day after school I decided to head down to Shibuya to pay my friends at the Jazzy Sport record shop a visit. I noticed that afternoon some new vinyl being displayed and was pumped to see that it was a Mitsu remix of Diverse's "Ain't Right". Immediately I had to hear it so Taro, Jazzy Sport's papa-san, was kind enough to pop it on the turntable for me. Needless to say I was hooked. Now because I don't own a pair of turntables (I know, I know... shame on me. What kinda true hip hop head doesn't have his own turntables?!) I requested a copy on CD in which Taro replied, "Nai yo (there isn't any)." A few weeks later I stopped by the shop again and ran into Mitsu himself who was warming up on the 1s and 2s for that night's performance. I told him how badass his remix was and asked if I could score a copy on CD. He said he would ask the distributor (or someone...I kind of forget???) for a copy and that he would get it to me.

Well, to make this long story short(er) I unfortunately left Tokyo before I could collect and I have spent the last year racking my brain on ways I could obtain the track. In fact, just two or three weeks ago I mulled over this very dilemma and had pretty much given up hope. That is until the brilliant minds (with impeccable tastes in music) at Adult Swim came through in the clutch and posted the Chocolate Swim EP. ARIGATO NE!

Oh! And if you like Chocolate Swim also checkout the Occult Hymn EP by Danger Doom.



Blogger MosSteph said...

i totally laughed when i saw that picture of mitsu. where's his cool sweatshirt?

little known fact about dj mitsu: he's an excellent swimmer and skiier.

2:52 PM  
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