Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Want My M... YX?

I missed the chance to bring you a Hip Hapa exclusive last night to instead go watch the White Sox blow a ninth-inning lead to the A's (damn you Bobby Jenks!), but it turns out these people are having another event this week, and this time you don't need press credentials.

Yes folks, I'm talking about the MYX Launch Party:

Glas Kat
530 4th Street, San Francisco
With, Paula DeAnda, Jin tha MC, and others

If you're wondering what MYX is, here's an explanation from their website:

The first music channel of its kind, MYX will feature the hottest major label hits, the biggest jams from Asia and a healthy dose of independent music all played back-to-back on one feed, 24 hours a day. No where else on television will you find such a variety of really good music all in one place.

Developed by ABS-CBN, one of Asia’s biggest media companies, MYX finds its way from the Philippines, where it’s the country’s biggest music channel, to America. MYX in the US is headquartered in San Francisco. This channel embraces the young, fast-growing Asian American community, as well as a broader audience hungry for music fusion. This channel celebrates young men & women ages 18 to 34 and their passion for all sorts of music, Asian entertainment, culture and member generated content.

I know this has the potential to be very exciting, so I'll hold back on my curmudgeonly old man comments. Instead, I'm just going to let Blueprint have the final word on the dangers of this kind of venture:

"I react by turning off BET/and sambos telling me what blackness is supposed to be/used to give us world news now its all videos/replace Tavis Smiley with reality shows"

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