Wednesday, April 11, 2007


This post is long over due folks but I wanted to give you my report on the Cherry Blossom Festival that took place two weekends ago in L.A.'s Little Tokyo. Here's a quick list of the things I saw:

1. Headed over to the main plaza where crowds filled the area to listen to the deep pounding of the taiko drums. Once I learn to DJ I'm seriously going to remix this stuff. Great bass!

2. Meandered through the various booths admiring the workings of the many Nikkei artisans. From kimono silk handbags to origami creations many great arts and crafts were displayed. Most importantly, however, the food vendors were in full force pumping the delicious smells of yakitori and teriyaki corn into the streets of downtown L.A.

3. Took a look at the display from the Martial Arts History Museum. Impressed by some of the equipment they had on display. Less impressed with the otakus dressed up in faux martial arts attire running around.

4. Eventually I made my way to Japanese American National Museum (I had to use the restroom REALLY bad!). Ok...Ok... Don't hate now. I was at JANM a couple of weeks before taking in the unforgettable images from the Ansel Adams exhibit. Anyhow, while at JANM I stopped at the book shop and peaked at the book Part Asian, 100% Hapa from our old friend Kip Fulbeck. Look who I found...

5. Lastly I headed to the Memorial dedicated to Nissei soldiers to pay my respects. I love the quote in the middle...



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