Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's Party Time, People

Swank shindig in San Francisco next week, brought to you by the same forces that support this site. From the Evite (which we'll add you to if you want, just give us a heads up in the comments):

A unique spread of gourmet munchies, a generous splash of soju cocktails, a mix of DJ beats, and a crowd of friendly faces--what better way to bridge the gap between Independence Day and the weekend?

Join us on Thursday, July 5, at Namu, the hip new spot in San Francisco's Richmond District, as we warm up for the big Hapa Issues Forum Reunion/Retrospective. We're looking to generate some buzz for that September 8 event--some buzz and some funding. We need a little financial help with an exhibition of old HIF memorabilia we're putting together to display on that day, and then for a few months in early 2008 at the National Japanese American Historical Society.

So we're asking for a $20 entry fee; that'll cover you for the food and featured drinks (beer and wine are also available, but for purchase, as they are not included in the deal). But that money doesn't just buy you a good time--it will also enable us to give HIF a proper send-off in a couple months, one which we've been working hard to make a reality.

Please offer up your RSVP now; we know it's short notice, but we need to have a head count by next Tuesday (7/3), a week from today. We'll take money at the door, but would prefer you use the PayPal option (credit cards accepted) that we're providing in this Evite--it's safer this way for our gracious hosts at Namu, who are going out on a limb for us on this.

We look forward to seeing you, and any and all guests you would like to bring along--this is by no means an exclusive gig, and if you're getting this Evite but have no idea what HIF even is, don't sweat it, just come. You'll get a chance to connect with some cool folks, catch some good music, and enjoy some delicious eats and cocktails--and it's all in support of a great cause.



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