Monday, July 02, 2007

Go All In for APA Creative Expression

Working to fund nonprofit operations can be a drag. It's hard to ask people for money, even when it's for a good cause; you have to overcome a lot of wariness, apathy, and distraction to get people to break out the wallet. Sometimes, you've got to get really creative to make the donation hustle a successful one.

The folks at Kearny Street Workshop in San Francisco have found one way--and I'm pretty sure they're on to something here. So get ready (you high rollers especially) because KSW's Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament has a seat at the table just for you on Friday, July 20. You better start honing your game now if you want a shot at a Wii, or any of the other prizes in play.

And of course, it's all in the name of helping "to achieve a more just society by connecting Asian Pacific American artists with community members to give voice to our cultural, historical, and contemporary issues." I'm sure Johnny Chan would approve.

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hahaha! Hot!


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